Android 12 UI Concept

A stunning look on what the next big Android release could be with a fresh new design!

Brand New Home screen Widgets

Widgets on Android always looked boring and old school. It's time to fix that with a fresh new collection of widgets. Widgets will now match the system-wide corner radius which is derive from the device's corner radius.

Android will now try to round the corner of all widgets. Developers do not need to add anything into their apps to get this new looks. Users can now enjoy a more consistent look and feel throughout the whole operating system.

We know users love seeing their recent chats and important interactions at a glance. That's why we've introduced Adaptive widgets that curate the needed information based on device usage. The widgets will be able to identify prioritised conversation and notification right on your home screen and allow to continue where you left of and get the information you need at the right time.

Reimagined Volume Controls

Rethinking how sliders on Android should be. Giving sliders depth while improving precision on touch devices. This provides an enjoyable experience as you jam through your favourite tunes.

It is now easier to identify and switch audio sources with just a few taps. The advanced volume panel lets you set different volume levels for alarms, media, ringtones and notifications.

Clean Notification Panel

Just like the widgets, notifications will now have rounded corners that match the system-wide setting specified by the device's corners. Consistency is key.

Colourful icons on incoming notifications that match the app's icon. Profile avatars will now be used for conversations with the specific app's icon at the bottom to indicate from which app the message comes from.

System wide new sliders are now part of the notification panel too bringing a more consistent look and being touch friend for the users.

Redesigned media player and quick setting toggle that match the system-wide theme.

A minimal yet functional settings page

The settings menu has been redesigned with a one-handed friendly UI that makes it easier to reach for stuff that's at the top of the screen.

The settings page will also follow the system-wide corner radius, maintaining consistency within the whole operating system.

System wide new toggles are a part of the settings pages and every part of the whole UI. Yes, even in your favourite apps. Toggles carry depth and show the status of specific settings in an app.

Enjoy a more refined OS that present with just the right amount of options but not to limiting to unleash it's full potential on demand!